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6Articles like: Ball mills GSK, size 1A, capacity 15000ml, porcelain, with cover, metal lock... details

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14Articles like: Büchner funnels 127 C, size 8, according to Dr. Büchner Büchner funnels 127... details

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6Articles like: Casseroles 17, size 4b, with porcelain handle, glazed except rim, Ø... details

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12Articles like: Crucible, Alsint 99,7 conical, tall form Size 10 C upper OD Ø 120 mm lower OD... details 6Articles like: Crucible, Alsint 99,7 conical, squat form Size 4 B upper OD Ø 66 mm lower OD... details 8Articles like: Crucible, Alsint 99,7 cylindrical, flat bottom Size 8 A OD Ø 125 mm ID Ø 110... details 2Articles like: Gooch Crucibles 82 A, size 3,squat form, with glazed perforated base, top... details 12Articles like: Crucibles 79 MF size 1a, medium form, glazed, top Ø 89mm, height 75mm,... details 7Articles like: Crucibles 79 C size 5, tall form, glazed, top Ø 60mm, height 79mm,... details 8Articles like: Crucibles 79, size 4, squat form, glazed, top Ø 83mm, height 55mm,... details 3Articles like: Incinerating dishes 33, size 4, flat, glazed except outside base, Ø... details 4Articles like: Incinerating dishes 33, size 7, conical, rectangular, glazed except outside... details 3Articles like: Incinerating dishes 33, size 4, cylindrical, glazed except outside base,... details

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5Articles like: Desiccator plates 119 C, size 5, Ø 280 mm with centre hole, 20mm dia. and... details

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