funnel/sieve pan with outlet for micro-sieving

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For dry and wet sieving with micro-precision sieves 100 mm dia.

The funnel (sieve pan) made of aluminium with outlet completes the sieve stack.

Order example for a sieve stack with 4 micro-precision sieves:
1. 4 micro-precision sieves of your choice  
2. 1 tensioning set for micro-precision sieves 100 mm diameter Order no. 33.1200.00
3. 1 clamping lid aluminium/Plexiglas with 1 nozzle Order no. 33.1050.00
4. 1 funnel (sieve pan) of aluminium with outlet Order no. 33.1150.00
5. 5 sieve spacer ring of aluminium with 2 seal rings Order no. 33.1000.00
6. 6 fast locking clamps of stainless steel Order no. 33.1100.00
Description value
Net weight: 1 kg
Description value
Customs tariff number: 84799070
Country of origin: Germany
County of origin: Rhineland-Palatinate
Dual use statement: No
Präferenzkennung: Yes
fastener set for micro-sieving Consisting of 3 screws + clamps, without clamping lid, sieve pan...

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