Upright Freezer, -50°C to -85°C, capacity 96 l, undercounter and stand alone

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GFL Upright Freezer 6481
for undercounter and/or stand alone installation
microprocessor-controlled, with variable alarm system
Multifunctional operating panel: with clear symbols, secured by key-operated switch. Alarm limits for over- and under-temperatures (1–20 K) as well as alarm suppression values (0–999 min.) can be set individually. Automatic alarm and error reports, input/retrieval of all safety-relevant values: set and actual temperatures, over- and under-temperatures, accumulator capacity and charge status. Additional control and alarm options are individually settable for different user applications.
Safety: Maintains all display and alarm functions for 60 hours in case of a power failure (accumulator time allowance). Electronic alarm device and potential-free contact for connection to an internal alarm system, or to the central I&C system.
RS 232 interface: for monitoring purposes and data registration via PC.
Cabinet: Ex-proof, made of stainless steel. Three drawers, running smoothly on rollers, with insulated doors to prevent loss of cold air (inner height 155, 160 and 165 mm). Cooling coils blown into the sides ensure direct cooling from all sides, short cooling down time and even temperature distribution throughout the whole cabinet.
Cabinet door: double sealed (one magnetic sealing) and insulated. The magnetic sealing system reliably prevents freezing of the door seals. Door fitted with a safety lock handle. Hinges on the right-hand side.
Housing: made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated. Four castors ensure easy mobility.
Insulation: seamless and diffusion-tight polyurethane foam 120 mm thick on all sides.
Refrigeration System: according to the German Accident Prevention Law. Energy-saving, maintenance-free cooling unit. The motor compartment contains the fully hermetic high-capacity compressors, air-cooled condenser, component-tested safety pressure controllers (Pressostat) and other control elements, all easily accessible. The heat emission is only approx. 400 W at maximum temperature.
Safety refrigerant: not flammable.

The Chest Freezer is maintenance-free and has the CE and EAC mark.
 * other voltages and frequencies on request
Description value
Construction type: Upright
Nominal volume: 96 l
Minimum operating temperature: -85 °C
Maximum operating temperature: -50 °C
Width of workspace: 430 mm
Height of workspace: 510 mm
Depth of the workspace: 430 mm
Number of Grids: 2
Workspace ventilation: No
Workspace free of ignition sources: Yes
Power input: 900 W
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage supply: 115 V AC
Voltage supply: 230 V AC
Net weight: 150 kg
Width: 900 mm
Depth: 865 mm
Height: 770 mm
User Interface: Membrane keyboard
LED-Anzeige vorhanden: Yes
Description value
Customs tariff number: 84184020
Country of origin: Germany
County of origin: Lower Saxony
Gross weight: 235 kg
Dual use statement: No
Präferenzkennung: Yes
Packing width: 1.08 m
Packing height: 1.2 m
Packing depth: 950 mm
packing volume: 1.231 l
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