AS300/3 3-place Vacuum filtration system, stainless steel, 500ml, 47/50mm, suppo

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AS300/3 Multiple Vacuum Filtration Apparatus, three-place vacuum filtration system, stainless steel 500 ml, 47/50 mm, support screen AS300/3 Three-place vacuum filtration system, stainless steel 500 ml The stainless steel manifold for three or six filtration units is fitted with stainless steel units. The apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry heat at up to 180°C. Suitable only for vacuum operation. If flushing tubes are used, do not exceed 1.3 bar (300 mbar over-pressure). AS 300 and 600 Series
Description value
Net weight: 5,059 kg
Description value
Customs tariff number: 41105315
Country of origin: Germany
Gross weight: 5,059 kg
Packing width: 210 mm
Packing height: 360 mm
Packing depth: 460 mm
Transport temperature: Room Temperature
Storage temperature: Room Temperature

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