Bi-Distillation Apparatus Bi 18 E / Bi-Destilling Devices

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-Bi-Distillation Apparatus Bi 18 E, QCS GmbH.-

Bi-distillation apparatus made of quartz glass for producing bidestillate.
In the Bi 18 E, components coming into contact with water are quartz glass parts, which contrary to ordinary laboratory glass is non-hygroscopic and thus resistant to H2O.
These properties warrant the high purity required of a distillate.

- Electircal conductivity 0,4 x 10 -6 S/cm

- Evaporation residues < 0,4 mg/1 (ppm)

- free of heavy metals

- Distillate meets requirements according to DAB 10

Solenoid valve control of the feed water requires a separate feed water supply and is a standard feature. It ensures that only so much feed water is metered in as is subsequently distilled off, thus reducing costs. The optimization of the cooling water volume is controlled by a flwometer.The Bi 18 E offers the possibility of connecting an additional filling level sensor (optinal) can be fitted on request for continuous operation of the apparatus.
In the event of a cooling or feed water shortage, the power supplying part is automatically shut off, thus ensuring an optimum opertional safety.
Hoses for the water supply and discharge are included in delivery.

Teechnical Data:

Bi-distillate output:                 1,8 l/h,
Cooling water requirement:   approx. 3,5 l/min
Power supply:                        230 V, 60 Hz, 3,1 KW

Dimension (WxHxD):              200 x 1000 x 270 mm
net weight:                            approximate 15 kg
Description value
Net weight: 15 kg
Description value
Customs tariff number: 84194000
Country of origin: Germany
County of origin: Hesse
Packing width: 0,84m
Packing height: 0,76m
Packing depth: 0,64m
Transport temperature: 10-50C°
Storage temperature: 10-50C°

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