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VisionMate™ Wireless Barcode Reader
The Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ Wireless Barcode Reader is a versatile sample tracking instrument that decodes 2D and linear barcodes and QR codes. The wireless reader utilizes Bluetooth™ technology to allow mobility in the lab, cold room or in the field to yield efficient sample identification and tracking, and for direct input into a paired workstation, LIMS or portable device. The VisionMate wireless reader is capable of reading any barcode of ANSI Grade D or better including Thermo Scientific linear and 2D barcodes and those of most major manufacturers, making it well suited for multi-facility applications. Mobility while transmitting barcode data
  • Productivity gains through the freedom to work away from the bench
  • Low energy usage for longer battery life
Versatile format compatibility
  • Compatible with all linear (1D), 2D Matrix and Nunc tube and rack formats
  • Compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes from most major suppliers
  • Secure tracking of valuable samples from external sources
Direct data output to many applications using keyboard wedge
  • Compatible with virtually any storage software application (Excel, Notepad, LIMS, etc.)
  • Easy to implement into existing lab sample management processes
Ambient light diffuser
  • Can scan in suboptimal lighting conditions
  • Increased productivity in the field
Clear high-contrast screen
  • Display key information (battery life, scanned code, connectivity, etc.)
  • Flexible option to change time, date, add suffix, prefix and other useful data

  • Bezeichnung: VisionMate Wireless Barcode Reader
  • Unterstützte Barcode-Typen: Any Thermo Scientific Matrix or Nunc 2D Barcoded Storage Tube and virtually any other 2D barcode, as well as any linear (1D) code
  • Computeranforderungen: PC/Laptop: Microsoft™ Windows™ 2000 or Windows XP with available USB 1.1 port PDA: Pocket PC w/ Active-Sync (built-in Bluetooth required)
  • Datenübertragungsmethode: Bluetooth connection or USB
  • Höhe (angloamerikanisch): 1.42 in.
  • Breite (angloamerikanisch): 2.83 in.
  • Stromversorgung: 1300 mA Lithium Ion Battery
  • Akkulaufzeit.: > 8 hours of continuous run time
  • Ladeanschluss: Via supplied USB port connection
  • Ladezeit: Approximately 6 hours
  • Gewicht (angloamerikanisch): 11.9 oz.
  • Zertifizierungen/Konformität: CE marked
  • Anschlusstyp: Wireless: via supplied USB Bluetooth Adapter or via built-in Bluetooth Radio Wired: via supplied USB cable
  • Displaytyp: Super VGA(800x600) or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors
  • Datenspeicher: 300 MB of available hard disk space
  • Zur Verwendung mit (Anwendung): Long-term sample storage in barcoded tubes and racks
  • Zur Verwendung mit (Geräte): 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-tube racks
  • Enthält: Wireless barcode reader with CodeXML software, USB cable and Belkin Bluetooth device with associated software, USB wall adapter with US/EU/UK/AU compatible plugs
  • Länge (angloamerikanisch): 6.5 in.
  • Erforderliches Zubehör: Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Abmessungen (L x B x H): 6.5 x 2.83 x 1.42 in. (16.5 x 7.2 x 3.6cm)
  • Produkttyp: Wireless barcode reader
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